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Towny Beta [January 8 - 13]
Started by Minecoe

Ending Orion Towny Earth Beta


Beta Testing is finally over! Thank you to all who have come on the server to test out our new game mode! We enjoyed having you guys testing Towny and hearing your suggestions on what you’d want to see when we officially release! As we close the server to fixing bugs and so on, please be sure to still keep an eye out on discord and our website! We will still update you guys on upcoming events, on the official Orion towny wiki, and more. Another thing, we want to know about the experience you had of the beta! Please head to our website https://orionmcstore.net/ and head to Forum and click on 'Open Forum' to then create your own post; leave your thoughts from what you’ve felt from the 5 days of testing! We hope to see you guys again on the official release of Orion Towny! We will be opening Bed Wars on the server while Towny will be down. Be sure to check it out! If you find any bug, report it at bedwars-bug channel in Discord!


Thank You!

- Orion Staff ❤️

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